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This time, stress and anxiety reducing strawberry starring in the delicious goat milk ice cream. Strawberries grown in special greenhouses and farms under suitable conditions are picked one by one and prepared for Kechy Gourmet delicacies. For this reason, Kechy Gourmet Strawberry, produced in limited numbers, is a product as much nutritious as its taste. Kechy Gourmet Strawberry, which we prepare with 100% goat milk and seasonal strawberries, is an ice cream that we think especially for children, but also a passion for those who keep the child in them at all ages.

Why Limited Number?

Because Ice Cream, Because Effort!

All of the products with strawberry which is one of the favorite fruits of children and even adults, are produced only from strawberry flavor. Popular products such as strawberry milk and strawberry pudding are at the top of this category. Because Kechy Gourmet builds its taste recipe on completely natural products, it uses seasonal strawberry in its content. Since Kechy gourmet plays an active role in all production processes, it produces boutique products and offers you meticulously produced products.


Contains milk and dairy products. May contain traces of pistachios, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, almond varieties, cow’s milk and eggs. Our products do not contain lard or any additives derived from pork.

Delivery Details :

Our ice creams, which we produce with the milk daily supplied to our facility, are delivered in specially designed thermoboxes, by our special vehicles with frigofric system suitable for cold transport chain or with dry ice technology that provides durability for 72 hours, without any deterioration in their texture and taste.

Nutrition Facts 100 ml 1 Serving – per (100ml) RA* (%) for (100ml)
Energy (kcal and kj) 109/456 5,4
Fat (g) 3 4,2
Of which saturates(g) 1,3 6,5
Carbohydrate (g) 22,3 8,6
Of which sugar (g) 20,6 22,8
Protein (g) 0.8 1,6
Salt 0,08 0,8
* Values indicate reference intake level of an average adult (8400 kj / 2000 kcal). 1 serving is 100 milliliter.



Strawberry (60%), sugar, goat milk (12,5%), cream (goat milk), maltodextrin, salep, thickeners (guar gum, carob gum), emulsifier (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids). This product contains minimum 3% milk fat by weight.


Kechy Strawberry Ice Cream


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