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Our Story

Some people exist with their passion. Ever since we could remember, we have traced the soil, nature, taste and labor, and always followed these signs. The human's effort to move away from unhealthy and artificiality and the process of rediscovering nature have sparked us to bring our passions back to light. Kechy Gourmet is a brand where effort is kneaded with labor.

To explain our efforts not to turn ice cream, which is considered one of the most innocent snacks, into a laboratory product, we briefly said "Because Ice Cream".

The land that offers us sahlep, the endemic plant of Anatolia, our producers, our farmers who take care of our goats one by one, and everyone who does their job right by putting their effort into this geography, has some effort in Kechy.


We have Established a Farm in a Hidden Paradise


Respect for animals, as well as for human beings and nature, is the basis of our production logic. While obtaining goat milk, the raw material of our ice cream, we always care that our goats are living and fed in good conditions. First of all, we dreamed of a goat farm away from the city, crowd and pollution. Later, we built our farm on an area beyond our dreams. We built our farm in Çatalbadem, one of the charming villages of Ermenek,

which is located in the Western Taurus Mountains and has hosted many important civilizations since 3000 BC. This is a fascinating farm with its air, water and nature view as well as away from the city and crowd.

We Decided to Use Goat's Milk Purely

All of the milk, which is the raw material of our ice cream, is obtained from our goats raised in this environment, we do not purchase milk from any farm beyond our control.

To obtain traditional Turkish ice cream, it is enough to use some goat milk. However, we decided to use goat milk purely in our products, as it has a higher nutritional value and can be easily consumed by babies and children as a product that does not cause allergic reactions.

Anatolian Salep Journey


Sahlep that is an endemic plant of Anatolia and one of the rare products of Turkey with an export ban is usually a miracle of the nature obtained from tubers of wild orchid that grows in the highlands. It is also a product that requires a lot of effort as it grows only in its natural environment and is picked and dried one by one.

Here, sahlep that is picked from the untouched plateaus of Anatolia, is one of the most important elements that make Kechy ice cream special.


And Finally, A Seasonless Taste

Kechy Gourmet has never been an ice cream like ice milk or regular ice cream. This is what makes it seasonless. Kechy Gourmet, which you can consume whenever you want, is nutritious and healthy for both your children and you. Because ice cream should be just that. Pure and natural.