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We have wanted to reinterpret traditional Turkish ice cream by sticking to all its codes. We have prepared Kechy with completely natural products by avoiding additives that you cannot pronounce. We produce Kechy from 100% goat milk and endemic plant of Anatolia, sahlep for those who attach importance to taste and natural nutrition and carefully read ingredients of every product their children eat. We have supplied our product to you under the controls of Ankara University Food Safety Institute with all our transparency.

To explain our efforts not to turn ice cream, which is considered one of the most innocent snacks, into a laboratory product, we briefly said "Because Ice Cream".


This time, stress and anxiety reducing strawberry starring in the delicious goat milk ice cream. Strawberries grown in special greenhouses and farms under suitable conditions are picked one by one and prepared for Kechy Gourmet delicacies. For this reason, Kechy Gourmet Strawberry, produced in limited numbers, is a product as much nutritious as its taste. Kechy Gourmet Strawberry, which we prepare with 100% goat milk and seasonal strawberries, is an ice cream that we think especially for children, but also a passion for those who keep the child in them at all ages.


Kechy is produced exclusively from goat milk with all its simplicity and naturalness for those who want to spoil themselves with refined flavors.

Kechy Gourmet is not a laboratory product that contains powders, liquids and chemicals that you cannot pronounce. Because we're pretty selective when it comes to our ingredients. We are not content with what natureoffers us, we choose the best among what it offers. For this reason, we produce Kechy only with goat milk, avoiding all additives. We only use the natural sahlep orchid grown in the highlands in order to achieve the traditional consistency of Kechy.


What makes ice cream a true ice cream, is never just milk and ice. The right taste, the right consistency and even the right mixtures have turned into a journey for us, bringing new flavors and evolving into gastronomic arts. Here, with our desire to rediscover nature, our passion for gastronomy and perfection, we created Kechy Gourmet Nature. Walnut, honey, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and ginseng. All these products that have been used in alternative medicine for centuries come together in the most pleasant form today. Although it may seem like a healing recipe, we call it the naturalness of pleasure. Moreover, with the difference of one hundred percent goat milk and natural sahlep...


When the real dark chocolate delight is combined with real ice cream, a provocative taste is achieved. How many snacks are there that are both so enjoyable and healthy? An extremely rich natural miracle that supports the promise of "real ice cream" has been added to the content of Kechy Gourmet, which you will not regret after having it and, even better, you can safely give your children: Dark chocolate” Dark chocolate that doesn’t contain additives, meets 100% goat milk, and Kechy Gurme Bitter is created.


Kechy Gourmet Ice Cream promises a unique feast to pistachio lovers. With the perfect balance of 100% goat milk and real pistachio, Kechy Gourmet offers its consumers a brand new experience. Traditional Turkish ice cream has never been an ordinary fast food. You should consider a meticulous working process if you blend this perfect flavor that has been formed within centuries, with pistachio. Emerged as an innovation miracle with R&D works including blind tasting experiments and field researches made regarding palate of Turkish consumers, Kechy Gourmet Pistachio offers a real harmony for gourmets.


With added "0" sugar, Stevia has been carefully produced to support healthy living. The prebiotics in Stevia Ice Cream are calorie-free herbal ingredients that positively affect and support human health by promoting the proliferation of probiotic bacteria in the human body. In addition, the fibers in Stevia; It has therapeutic and supportive effects on heart diseases, obesity, blood problems, diabetes and cancer types. Fibers support the mineral absorption in the bone, positively affect the development and structure of the bone, reduce the cholesterol level in the blood, regulate blood pressure by suppressing hypertension, create a feeling of satiety in the body by increasing volume and balance the energy level.

Produced in limited numbers and getting its taste and consistency from goat milk and sahlep, Kechy is here with five product types to take you on a special journey of taste.