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Hello, is this Earth?

You are about to meet astronaut, our dry ice cream, if you are reading this. It's time to tell you about our story, which adventure occurs hundreds of light-years in the past.
Off the Beaten Path: Dehydrated Ice Cream
Kechy Gurme did something unusual by transporting traditional Turkish ice cream to space. By using specialised freeze-dry technology to remove its distinctive ice creams made from 100% goat’s milk and 100% natural salep from their liquid form, it produced dried ice creams. without the use of any additives. Additionally, these healthy snacks are three times more nutrient-dense than regular ice creams, allowing you to indulge guilt-free in summer and winter.
Why Freeze Dry Technology?
Our reverence for people, the environment, and human health is unparalleled. We really wanted to dry our ice creams in the best manner possible for this reason. We chose to begin with a technology that protects 97% of the nutritional value while reducing the loss of taste and scent by only 3%, as opposed to conventional heat treatments. Thus, compared to ice creams of the same weight, our dry ice creams have a shape that is three times more nutrient-dense. At the same time, by using this technique to extend the shelf life of our food, we have given you the convenience of being able to open it, eat it whenever you like, and keep it packaged for however long you like. Furthermore, we managed it at ambient temperature without the necessity for a chilly atmosphere.
300% More Nourishing
It is required to introduce you to our master painters in order to discuss the ingredients in our ice creams. They are the goat’s that graze freely in Ermenek's Çatalbadem village and provide fresh milk each day along with the fresh herbs they eat. Our ice creams' distinctive flavour and naturalness come from this milk. With Kechy Gourmet Astronaut, our 100% goat’s milk ice cream is now three times more nutrient-dense. Additionally, it includes BHA and BHT, artificial flavouring, preservatives, trans fatty acids, and other ingredients. It is a store that sells only healthy foods without of any additives. Because of these characteristics, we refer to Astronaut as a nutritious and unusual snack rather than just a snack.
In Space or at Home
Every time you want to do something unusual, an astronaut is there to support you. Whether you want it to go with you on a relaxing evening at home, to spice the wood fire when you're camping, or to travel to space with you. Furthermore, there won't be any storage issues if you store it at room temperature.
It's Time to Become an Astronaut and Explore Dried Ice Creams!
5 different astronaut experiences await you with 5 different product types.