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  • Why do you say "Because Ice Cream"?

    Kechy Gourmet Ice Cream is not "milky ice". It does not contain 10 times more goat milk than other products. On the contrary, Kechy Gourmet is produced from 100% goat milk. While doing this, it does this with the help of the opportunities provided by modern technology by sticking to the content of 300 years old traditional Turkish ice cream. In addition to goat milk, sahlep, which is an endemic plant of Anatolia and separates Turkish ice cream from world ice cream, is used.

  • Does having ice cream make you sick?

    When it is looked at human biology, scientists state that no product should be consumed more than necessary. But a real ice cream does not directly make you sick. More than 90% of "ice milk" based products are consumed in the ice cream market and these products can easily make people sick. Kechy Gourmet is a traditional Turkish ice cream produced from 100% goat milk.

  • Where do you supply sahlep from?

    Sahlep plant is an endemic plant of Anatolia. Since it does not have a seed that can be regenerated, it cannot be grown by farming activities. It is also prohibited by laws to pick salep plant directly. Salep is picked under the state monopoly and sold to buyers. Kechy Gourmet salep is grown in the plateaus of Anatolia and picked meticulously.

  • How do you supply goat milk?

    Kechy Gourmet is obtained by milking 3000 goats daily for ice cream in our farm located in Ermenek plateaus. Our goats are fed by grazing on pastures because of the naturalness of goat milk that gives our ice cream its delicious taste. In order to maintain our taste standards, no goat milk is supplied from outside.